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Command-line tool that interacts with Palo Alto firewalls and Panorama | Documentation Home | Objects Command

Exporting Objects

  panco objects export [flags]

  -d, --device string        Device to connect to
  -g, --devicegroup string   Device Group name (default "shared")
  -f, --file string          Name of the CSV file you'd like to export to (default "PaloAltoObjects")
  -h, --help                 help for export
  -t, --type string          <address|addressgroup|service|servicegroup|tags|all>
  -u, --user string          User to connect to the device as
  -v, --vsys string          Vsys name (default "vsys1")


This command allows you to export all of the addres, service and tag objects on a device. You can choose to specify certain objects, or all of them. Each type will have it’s own CSV file named as such:

<_filename_> is what you specify with the `--file` flag.

Run the following command to export all objects from the device:

panco objects export --type all --file My-Objects.csv