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Command-line tool that interacts with Palo Alto firewalls and Panorama


パン粉 - Pronounced like the breadcrum!

What Is It

panco is a command-line tool which helps to automate bulk tasks when working with Palo Alto Networks firewalls and Panorama, which normally would be cumbersome having to do them one-by-one. Features of this tool include:

NOTE: Your account must have API access to the devices in order to use this tool

Check out the About panco page for more info.

How Do I Get It

You can install panco by clicking on the below link and downloading the binary for your specific OS (Windows, Mac OS and Linux are supported). Links are available on the main Github repo page as well.

Once you download the binary, place it in your PATH environment variable, or run it from it’s current location.


Access the full panco documentation


Check out the About panco page for more info.

Help & Support

If you run into issues, or need assistance, please submit an issue on the main Github repository